Each translation from English to French are always done with that question: Does it relay the intended message to the reader? And does it sound natural for the reader? With that in mind, the proper French terminology used in that technical or IT field is always researched first, so that it communicates to your French speaking public. Once the terminology has been researched, the translation is done, followed up by a full readthrough, a quality check and a spellcheck using the best known French spellchecker to get you a professional translation which is conceptual, fluent and free of typographical errors.

By default, each translation is done using Trados 2017, but it can be done using SmartCat, MemoQ or your favorite CAT tool.

If requested, I will provide you at no cost the terminology established during the translation process and the translation memories so that you can use those for later translations done by other translators/agencies.

Finally, for highly sensitive materials, an additional review (ensuring that the translation is properly done and matches the English) and an additional proofreading (ensuring that the final translated file is perfect, without typos and matching the English layout) can be done by another person than the translator.


Why using my services?

  1. Your files will be correctly prepared for the CAT tool, meaning the segmentation will be perfect, no matter the type and complexity of your file(s). This means that a) the translated text will flow back into the English template with a minimum of formatting to do and b) the final translation can be uploaded into a Translation Memory to facilitate any new similar translation.
  2. I will create or update extensively you terminology database, something that too few translators and agencies are doing, meaning that the consistency and quality of your translations will improve after each translation.
  3. You get a product after translation which is ready for press i.e. the translation has been completed, readthrough and spellcheck with as well different QA tools run on your file to ensure all numbers, capitalization, date, punctuation are properly duplicated, and then the existing terminology has been used.
  4. Speed – usually I translate 3000-4000 words per day, 6 days per week – so if speed is a concern, the turnaround will be very fast.
  5. Stable translator – when you go to an agency – you are not sure to get always the same translator – thus, the consistency might be lacking.
I would highly recommend Patrice. He is an excellent translator, professional and has expertise in a wide range of CAT tools and associated authoring software. – Steven Snider, Fluent Translations