Bridging and Merging TMs

Bridging is the process of producing a totally new TM out of 2 TMs which have one common language, for exemple locale B.

So if you have TM1 for the language pair A > B, and TM2 for the language pair B > C, bridging the 2 TMs consists of compiling a TM3 for the language pair A > C for all exactly identical segments in locale B contained in both TM1 and TM2.


Now, you can have various levels of TM bridged and the best is obviously when the tagging information and the context information is maintained in the newly bridged TM – this is exactly what you will get.

Merging is simply the process of taking TMs in various formats and files but for the same source and target locales, and combining them into one single TM.


TMs savings can be big and 1k of exact matches can represent a saving of 50-100$ on a translation job.

This is more than what it will cost you to produce a bridged TM of 1000 units – about 10k words.

You are also only charged for the size of the TM produced, which is what you can use to process new jobs.

So if TM1 has 50k units, and TM2 as 10k segments and a TM bridged of 5k is produced – you get billed for the 5k.

Finally, you also benefit of a sliding scale, bigger is the TM produced, less you pay by 1000 units produced.


Bridged TM: The pricing is per the number of bridged translation units produced.

< 1k : 45 €

1–5k : 10 € per additional 1k, so 55 € between 1k and 2k, 65 € between 2k and 3k, etc.

5–10k : 5 € per additional 1k

10– 50k : 2 € per additional 1k

> 50 k : 1 € per additional 1k

Merged TM:  The merging of TMs of various type can also be done, contact me to get a quote.