This is a standard procedure done to get the translation verified by a second translator, ideally, more reliable, to ensure the following :

  1. the translation duplicates the original text,
  2. any provided style sheet has been followed,
  3. any standard terminology has been used,
  4. the translation relays properly the intended message,
  5. the translation is free of any typographical error.

The review is usually done in a CAT tool or in the Word file in a table format, and all corrections are marked in track-changes so that the translator and/or the client can review them as needed and approve them.

Thus, I can review any translation you got done by another translator or I can provide you with a translation which has been translated by another qualified translator and reviewed by me.

Why and when would you need a review?

A review purpose is to catch all possible mistakes as two pair of eyes are always better than one pair, no matter how good is the translator.

Usually, it is good to perform a review on items which will be distributed to many persons like a website, a brochure, a white paper, etc. as those items must have the utmost quality and be perfect!

In the case of manuals for example, the main intention is for the user to understand them, so style and minor mistakes will not have the utmost importance and thus those might not require an additional review.