With a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering (University Paris VI), an Aggregation of Mechanics (the highest teaching diploma in France), a Diploma of Thorough Study in Advanced Mechanics and 3 years of teaching Mechanical Engineering to University student, you can be re-ensured that you will get a technical translation which will duplicate and convey the original concepts.

Furthermore, as I worked 10 years as Programmer (Fortran, Pascal, Visual Basics, C++,  Java Scripts, SQL Server, …) and System Administrator (Dos, Unix, Windows, Max OS),  you can feel safe that any text related to IT will be duplicated as well and will relay the original messages.

Then, with over 10 years translating first in an in-house department, then as a Freelance Translator, and 5 more years setting up a SDL WorldServer translation department and being a Translation System Manager putting thousands of projects on line for Project Managers, your files will be taken care of, no matter the format, and you will get a proper translation in the expected format.

Finally, as approved translator for the following agencies – Translia, Straker, Pangeanics, Word Works, Echo International, MaxSun, OSW, Living Words, TranslateMedia, TranslateLocal, ABBYY, Jonckers, Local-M, Linearis, Between Worlds, etc.  – I translated manuals, Website, fliers, e-courses for brand like AIRBUS, CADILLAC, DELL, HUAWEI, DAHUA, MITUTOYO, MOOSE RACING, BLACK&DECKERS, and many more, so yes, you can expect to get proper IT and technical translation from me.

In fact, I enjoy translating IT/technical materials as every new translation is a new technical adventure, and I will be glad to translate your Website, manuals or promotional pieces so they WILL attract attention and WILL create admiration and want among the readers

Best regards,
Patrice Philippi

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